Welcome to Sabre Business World


Sabre Business World is a company that specialises in 21st Century Business Success in Africa and through cutting edge, modern day, programs, work with companies to streamline strategies, maximise human performance, boost profitability, bring balance and entrepreneurial thinking to organisations and jump them ahead, way into the 21st Century so that they not only thrive but set a benchmark for other businesses to follow.


To teach and inspire millions of people to be more successful in business and in life through programs that teach 21st Century Entrepreneurial Skills and in the process have a huge impact on Individuals, Companies and Economies. These fundamental skills prepare people to thrive in the 21st Century by increasing knowledge and improving thinking, productivity, performance and self motivation.


Zimbabwean Company – Sabre Business World was formed in 2006 in Zimbabwe, specialising in Business Success by providing Training and Consulting services. We have worked with a wide range of businesses around the world to help them to increase their levels of Success

World Class Programs- We have trained in the UK, Ireland and the USA and travelled to meet and learn from incredible business leaders like Richard Branson, John C Maxwell, Brendon Burchard and Robin Sharma. We have studied the topic of Business Success through Entrepreneurship constantly for many years now and through this quest, and from our wide exposure and experience, we have developed a range of powerful and practical Training, Coaching and Consulting programs that are targeted at teaching people how to build successful businesses that thrive in any economy.

Our Team

Sabre Business World is founded and run by a proudly Zimbabwean husband and wife team, Brendan and Sally Palmer who believe that their life’s purpose is to teach and inspire people tsally and brendan profileo be more successful in business and in life. Brendan has a background in Business Management, Training, Speaking and Accounting and Sally has a background in Engineering, Training, Business Systems and Project Management. Together we form a dynamic and highly committed team who have worked and trained both locally and internationally.

Our Experience

Through our different products and programs, online, social media and live training, we have reached and trained 1000s of people on different topics relating to Business Success and a summary of our experience is as follows:
Specialised Business Consulting– Working with CEOs and MDs to modernise their Strategies and Business Processes and guiding them to build and grow successful businesses

Hosting of Public Seminars – focusing on Entrepreneurship, Business Success and Personal Effectiveness

Hosting of Training and Networking Events on a variety of different topics relating to Business Success

Designing of Customised Training and Coaching Programs for numerous companies, conferences and events on Customer Service, Sales, Leadership, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Business Systems, Strategy, Accounting, Personal Effectiveness and more as well as facilitating powerful Leadership and Team Building activities

Providing Business Success Training and Coaching to Entrepreneurs, Managing Directors and Business Executives to guide them in the running of a successful business and living a successful life

Co-hosting of “The Entrepreneur” weekly radio show which provides valuable business information on Entrepreneurship to the public – Mondays 2:15-3pm on 92.8fm

Our Motto and Values

Our teaching and training methods focus on combining business and life to give the customer holistic solutions and programs to teach and inspire them to be more  successful in business and in life.   Our main motto is “Be Cool ! Be Great ! Be Alive !” which encompasses everything that we teach, believe in and stand for.

“Being Cool” is all about…
-being good to others
-having high moral and ethical standards
-being fun and exciting and positively impacting every person we encounter
“Being Great” is all about…
-aiming for great things in business and in life and not settling for mediocrity
-commitment to excellence in everything we do
-understanding that no detail is too small
-competing in a global market and setting the standards and constantly raising the bar
-putting 100% effort
“Being Alive” is all about…
-living each day with passion and purpose
-making the most out of life
-being present and appreciating every moment