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Ignite Your Business is an annual Entrepreneurship and Business Management Training Program held in Harare every January and is designed to teach Business Leaders how to build and grow a successful business through the development of core Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Mindset Evolving & Action Generation skills.

Watch the the video below to get an overview of the Ignite Your Business Program

From our 12 years of working with and consulting for businesses in Zimbabwe, the region and internationally, we have put together this powerful program specifically designed for Business Owners and aspiring Entrepreneurs who are wanting to build and grow a successful business.

Not only do we teach you how to revolutionise your business, we also guide you to becoming a more successful and happier version of YOU.  You are your business’s most valuable asset and we show you how to make you more effective and join the worldwide movement to becoming more success conscious and action oriented.

To really get you taking action and building a successful business, the workshop takes all the concepts to high levels of intensity – it is supported by our renowned “Sabre Achieve Diary” which will guide you to success as well as mindset evolving  video and audio study material. We also provide you with daily material through text messages and weekly material through emails.  Weekly, you will adopt success habits practiced by the most successful people in the world as well as carry out business revolutionising exercises.

This Workshop started in 2012,  and so far over 400 people have gone through this program and have achieved amazing results in their lives and in their businesses.

Workshop Details

6 Module Workshop – 1 Module per week for 6 weeks – 2.5 hours per Module – Module 1 – Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur, Module 2 – Know Your Business, Module 3 – Know Your Numbers, Module 4 – Sales & Marketing, Module 5 – Planning and Performance Measurement, Module 6 – Action Management and Building Success
Start Date –January 2018
Venue – TBC
Price – $500 single, $400 per person for 2 or more people (Previous Ignite Your Business Workshop attendees special price of $400)
Price Includes – Each attendee will receive 15 hours of live training over 6 weeks, a Sabre Achieve Diary, a Business Success File with Notes and Templates from each session, Practical Assignments review, a Sabre Memory Stick with extra study material, enrolment onto the Sabre Mobile daily texting service, Weekly recap emails throughout the program, Refreshments, full email support, a cocktail party and a Certificate of Completion at the end
Information – This is an intensive Program where attendees will work hard on their business and themselves through guided weekly tasks, daily emails/texts and 6 live group training workshops

Module Details


To build a successful business it is important to understand Entrepreneurship.  We kick off the workshop by guiding you through the keys to becoming a successful Entrepreneur and following that,  we will teach you the Success Formula.  All success in life is based on Vision and Clarity of Purpose. Before you can build a successful business, you must mold a successful life to give you the energy, determination and drive to pursue you dreams. This Module takes you through the Key steps to achieving success in life and helps you define your purpose as well as guides you to understand yourself and your desires. Using the first section of the Sabre Achieve Diary, we will guide you through the process through introspection and raised personal consciousness.


Once you have clarity on what you want to achieve with your life, the next step is to understand your business and know it very well. This module introduces business success and takes you through a very effective framework that helps you get to know your business. It covers your Vision for your business, your Mission and your Values. It teaches you how to get to know your product. It also teaches you how to get to know your Customers, your Market and your Competitors which all play a critical part in the success of your business.


The next step in building a successful business is Knowing your Numbers. Numbers form the backbone of your business. This module will teach you how to know the numbers that run and drive your business. It will help you define your key numbers and set budgets and targets for these. It teaches what a Financial Model is and how it can be used to achieve great success in business. It also teaches cash flow and how to use this as an effective management tool.


Once you know your business and your numbers and have a strategy to achieve your vision, three of the biggest factors that determine whether your business will be a success or not are Marketing, Sales and Customer Retention. These activities bridge the gap between where you are today and the dreams you wish to achieve in your business. This Module covers the keys to effective Marketing, Sales and Customer Retention and how to implement effective strategies into your business to achieve the results you desire.


This Module covers the importance of planning for business success, through developing a live business plan. It takes you through a very practical framework which guides you to create the winning business plan for your business and helps you define your personal performance measurement that tracks your progress.


On your journey to success in business and in life, time is your most valuable resource and it is what you do with your time that determines your levels of success.  This Module teaches you how to manage your time, your actions, your distractions and your to-do list so that you get more done each day.  This includes developing  Daily  Success Habits that will upgrade yourself and your business to new levels of operation. The Program is finished off by teaching the building blocks of success in an easy to follow framework that you can implement into your daily life as you set out on your journey to achieving success.

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