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Conference Centre with Rooms for Meetings, Training, Conferences and Corporate Functions

We have a versatile and modern venue to host your next Business Meeting, Training or Corporate Event.

We are also taking bookings for Christmas and Year End Corporate Functions.

Click here to see a summarised flyer of the Conference Centre.

The centre is compliant with COVID prevention protocols for your safety.  

Zimbarista will be serving coffees every weekday for sit in or takeaway, just pop in on your way to work or meet your colleagues there - no booking required for garden meetings.

Click here for more information about our Facilities or call +263 772 337 586 / +263 787 513 555 or email kim@sabrebusinessworld.com to enquire

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Self Leadership in Times of Uncertainty - Click Here to Watch the Free Webinar 




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Watch the The Ignite Your Business Series

Unlock your Potential, Lead Yourself and Your Team to Success and Build a Business that Competes and Wins Sustainably

Sabre Business World is a team of passionate Trainers and Coaches that specialise in guiding people to achieve 21st Century Success through the delivery of practical and high impact training and coaching programmes.

We work with ambitious businesses, leaders, teams and individuals to maximise human performance, streamline strategies, boost profitability and bring balance and entrepreneurial thinking to organisations.

Our programmes focus on 2 core areas - Personal High Performance and Business High Performance and we deliver content that guides people to live their best life through providing self management and business management tools. 

As we are deeply passionate about training and making a positive impact, we have also Affiliated other expert Trainers to broaden whats on offer to our clients 


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Regular topics include peak productivity, original creativity, building a high-performance team, growing an industry-leading company and crafting a life that makes history.

Self Leadership in Times of Uncertainty – Watch Recorded Webinar

Watch Free Recorded Webinar “Self Leadership in Times of Uncertainty” Watch the recording of this WEBINAR that teaches you the fundamental tools of Self Leadership to effectively manage yourself during times of uncertainty to break free from fear, confusion and procrastination. Please enter your ...

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3 Roles You Must Play in Your Life Story to Build the Future You Want

Life can be so complex that we can be busy achieving nothing…. Due to the complexity of life in the 21st Century, we spend a lot of our time… running at speed on the hamster wheel of day to day ...

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The Emotional Rollercoaster in Uncertain Times

Have you been struggling during this Lockdown period? Have you thought about why? What emotions have you experienced so far?

The Delicate Balance Between Thinking and Acting

Plan - Act- Review- Adjust. Learn about the PARA Circle tool and how you can start to use it in your daily life- especially to get through these challenging times.

Controllables vs UnControllables

The World has now changed- that we know for sure. But how do we deal with these changes in our life? How are we going to thrive in this new world?

Invest Time into Learning, to Reinvent Yourself

Time for yourself is a luxury and too many people are preoccupied with distractions and petty pursuits to allow themselves time to really think.


We offer the following range of Training and Coaching Programmes that will equip you with tried and tested tools, tactics, strategies and guidelines to enable you to succeed in today's world. Our Programmes are meticulously researched and proven.

Our programs provide people with cutting-edge tools, tactics, strategies and guidelines to capacitate them with 21st Century Skills to enable them to succeed in the modern world. Our programs are meticulously researched and proven and are based on global best practice.

Ignite Your Success


Personal High Performance Skills to unlock your potential to travel the journey of life with Purpose and achieve your Definition of Success.

Ignite Your Business


Key Entrepreneurship skills, tactics and strategies to build and grow a sustainable business and lead it to success...

Ignite Your Customer Service & Sales


The skills to attract, retain and WOW the 21st-century customer to lengthen customer lifetime, increase customer spend and create walking marketers ...

Mastermind High Performance


One on one coaching to unlock your potential, achieve your ambition and become a High Performer in your Profession...

Mastermind Business


One on one coaching Programme to guide you to build and grow a successful, sustainable business


Rear view of a young woman hitchhiking carrying backpack walking on the road

Equipping young people (Form 4s, Lower 6s, Upper 6s, Recent School Leavers) with skills and tools to discover their ambitions and confidently make informed choices about their future in partnership with Horizons Careers and The UniPeople 

The Authentic Enneagram

Authentic Enneagram

An Introspective Journey of Self Discovery to become a more Authentic Version of Yourself - with Sonia Pereira

The Sabre Achieve Diary

Helen Charlotte Photos - Sabre Business-93

Your Personal Success Companion providing the tools to clarify your plan in life and manage yourself to make it happen...

1000 Day CEO


The tools to grow into a dynamic CEO who can build, grow and run a large business and lead it to Success

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146 Enterprise Road, Harare, Zimbabwe