4 Ways to Generate New Ideas to Change your Perspective

You are only 1 thought, 1 idea, 1 decision, 1 action away from changing your life and changing your results.

Daily, we must hunt ways to get these game changing thoughts and ideas so we can make better decisions and take more impactful actions.

Our perspective on life and what we believe to be possible for ourselves determines the results we achieve in life.


4 Ways to Generate New Ideas to Change your Perspective:

  1. Exercise Early in the Morning

When you exercise, not only does your brain release hormones that make you happy, it also dumps chemicals that make you stressed.  When you are stressed and unhappy, its very hard to think positively and to be optimistic, therefore exercise is a powerful tool to create the right mental environment for generate new ideas – put those running shoes on and get on the road !

  1. Step Towards your Fears

The things that you are afraid of are the things that will help you grow the most.  Walk towards your fears with courage and faith, knowing that you will work it out as you go.  The moment you choose to face your fears, you get a new and powerful perspective on your life of what is possible for you as well as a dramatic confidence boost

  1. Remove Limitations from your Thinking

Most of us don’t take action on the things we know we should because we have limits in our mind that keep us playing small.  Your life as it is now is a direct reflection of your current perceived ceiling of achievement in your own mind.  Free yourself from your limited thinking by expanding your vision and being future focusedMultiply your energy, your effort and your goals by 10 and you will break through your limits.

  1. Take a Course

You never know when you will hear that one thing that will change your life forever, that’s why life long learning and personal development is highly encouraged by the greats of this world.  All you need is 1 new way of seeing the world to change your perspective and change your results.


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Written by: Sally Palmer, High Performance Trainer and Coach at Sabre Business World

About the Author

Sally Palmer, one of the founders of Sabre Business World is a Personal and Business High Performance Trainer, Coach and Author with a passion for igniting people through teaching High Performance skills that enable them to ignite their lives. Balancing being a mother of 4 boys and building a business in Zimbabwe, she is fascinated with learning and teaching High Performance skills to help people balance all the demands of life and business to help them thrive in our unpredictable and ever changing world

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