4 Ways to Re-ignite your Passion and Ambition

Over the last few weeks we have noticed that many people we have interacted with seem to have lower than normal energy levels and are having to dig deep to get motivated to execute their big game changing tasks.  People are tired, frustrated and unfocussed. 

After an interesting start to the year, people in general have become more reactive in their actions and their horizon of thinking has reduced to more short term thinking – getting through today, this week, this month. 

If you are feeling this way, rest assured, you are not alone. However, although the season of winter has arrived in the Southern Hemisphere, it does not have to be winter in your life. 

Bring all of your passion and focus into the rest of this year  to make a positive impact on your life and your business so that you take the necessary actions to get closer to where you want to be in 5 years time. 

As we lead up to a new month,  it’s a great time to refocus, re-energise and re-ignite your passion and ambition.

Here are 4 ways to Re-ignite your Passion and Ambition 

1. Remember you are working for Your Ambition – Remind yourself that every day you are working to achieve your own Ambition, so every day counts – focus on closing the gaps between where you are today and where you want to be in the future in all areas of your life.

2. Re-focus – Know where you are going, what you want to achieve and plan in advance

  • Clearly document and re-visit your 5 Year Vision – know where you want to be in 5 years time and write it down – If it is not in writing, it doesn’t exist
  • Decide on the 1 big goal that you want to achieve this year or remind yourself of the 1 big goal you set for 2021 in January
  • Write your plan for June before the month starts and set you 4 or 5 big objectives for the month
  • Diligently plan your weeks before they start to stop distractions and reduce reactivity so that you live with intention
  • Meet with yourself in the morning to plan your day – every day matters on your journey to achieving your Ambition – make each day count by living with purpose

3. Build your Self Belief – Know that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.  Know that not only are you the best person to do what you have to do, but you are the ONLY person who can do it

4. Manage your Thinking and your Actions – Be the boss of your mind, choose the thoughts you want to focus on, give your mind clear instructions and remove negativity, fear and doubt from your thinking.  The right thinking automatically leads to the right actions.

Written by: Sally Palmer, High Performance Trainer and Coach at Sabre Business World

About the Author

Sally Palmer, one of the founders of Sabre Business World is a Personal and Business High Performance Trainer, Coach and Author with a passion for igniting people through teaching High Performance skills that enable them to ignite their lives. Balancing being a mother of 4 boys and building a business in Zimbabwe, she is fascinated with learning and teaching High Performance skills to help people balance all the demands of life and business to help them thrive in our unpredictable and ever changing world

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