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Meet Our Team:

We have a dynamic, passionate and experienced team who offer a deep pool of knowledge and a wide variety of unique skills to our clients. Whether it be training, coaching or consulting, our team provides an experience that is hard hitting, life changing and paradigm shifting.

Jeremy Brooke

Role: Chairman, Trainer

Specialist skills: Business Re-engineering, Business Training and Turnaround Strategies

Brendan Palmer

Role: Director, CEO and Trainer

Specialist skills: High Performance, Business Coaching and Training of CEOs and Management

Sally Palmer

Role: Director and Trainer

Specialist skills: Business Systems, Project Management

Cat Meredith

Role: Trainer

Specialist skills: HR and Performance Measurement

Our Experience:

We have been operating in Zimbabwe since 2006 and have worked with a wide range of businesses in numerous sectors from Large Corporates to Entrepreneurs providing training, coaching and specialist business consulting solutions.

We have also had extensive experience in the UK and US.

Our Customers:

Our customers are ambitious individuals with drive and commitment who are willing to invest time and money into themselves and their teams to enable them to compete in the 21st Century.

Our Products and Programs:

Our programs provide people with cutting edge tools, tactics, strategies and guidelines to capacitate them with 21st Century Skills to enable them to succeed in the modern world.

Our programs are meticulously researched and proven and are based on global best practice.