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What does Sabre Business World Offer?

Business and Personal Development Training and Coaching

Sabre Business World is a team of passionate Trainers and Coaches that specialise in guiding people to achieve 21st Century Success through the delivery of practical and high impact training and coaching programmes.

We believe that with the right tools and the right mindset every person has unlimited potential, we believe every leader can build and grow a successful business or organisation and we believe that every team can multiply energy and achieve extraordinary results.

Our training and Coaching programmes focus on 2 core areas - Business High Performance and Personal High Performance and we deliver content that guides people to live their best life through teaching business management and self management skills and tools.

As we are deeply passionate about training and making a positive impact, we have also Affiliated other expert Trainers to broaden what training is available to our clients

Conference Centre

Sabre Business World provides Meeting, Training and Conferencing facilities which are a conveniently located urban retreat that is a purpose built, modern venue for training, seminars, meetings and corporate functions in Harare, Zimbabwe.

We have 6 conference/meeting rooms that can accommodate between 6 and 100 people, depending on the room.  All rooms are equipped with appropriate AV equipment and comfortable furniture.

Our versatile catering team provides a selection of menus to choose from for your event, including catering for delegates with special dietary requirements as we know that great food and refreshments are an important element of any event.


Our Vision is to teach, inspire and capacitate people to be more successful in business and in life through:

  • The delivery of training programmes that teach 21st Century Skills that enable people to thrive in the modern world
  • The provision of a Training and Conference Centre to the Community to utilize for Meetings, Corporate Functions and Training
  • Our aim is to have a measurable impact on individuals, organisations and economies

Our Mission is to:

Ignite People.... to Ignite their Businesses.....to contribute to the Ignition of the Economy


Sabre Business World was formed in 2011 and over the years we have worked with a wide range of individuals and businesses in multiple industries to help them to increase their levels of Success, Happiness and Sustainability.

Our trainers have trained and worked around Africa, in the UK, Europe and the USA and have travelled to meet and learn from inspiring business leaders.

We have deeply studied the topics relating to Business and Personal Success and implemented success formulas for many years now.

From our wide exposure and experience, we have  developed a range of powerful and practical Training and Coaching Programs that are targeted at teaching people how to build successful lives and businesses that thrive in any economy.


Through our different products and programs, online, social media and live training, we have reached and trained thousands of people on different topics relating to Personal & Business Success.

  • Training of Various Groups in Society - Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, CEOs, Executives, Management, Corporate Teams, Youth, Men, Women, Schools, Sports Teams, Community Groups, Societies/Associations
  • Personal and Business Coaching in the following industries FMCG, Milling, Stock feeds, Dairy, Telecoms, Packaging, Manufacturing, Farming, Schools
  • Business Training Programs in following industries – Milling, Dairy, Farming, Fuel, Oils, Retail, Production, Food, Restaurants, Accounting Firms, Opticians, Doctors, Distribution, Stock feeds, Construction, Supermarkets, Fuel Stations
  • Sales and Customer Service Training in the following industries – Banking, FMCG, Retail, Wholesale, Equipment Distributors, Telecoms, Property
  • Business Re-Engineering in the following industries – Manufacturing, Chicken farming, Abattoir, Safari, Milling, Retail, Wholesale, Fuel, Farming
  • Key Note Speeches at Conferences, Schools, Corporate Events
  • Team Building facilitation
  • Customised Training content creation
  • Train the Trainer programs


We have a team of specialist trainers and content developers, each with their own unique knowledge and experience.

We believe that our life’s purpose is to teach and inspire people to be more successful in business and in life.

We are passionate about business, leadership, personal development and management training to create productive and motivated teams and to capacitate and inspire individuals to build successful lives and businesses.

We have an energetic support team and outsource experts who manage products, marketing, sales, logistics, events and venue and accounts.


Brendan Palmer

Brendan Palmer

CEO and Trainer

Specialist skills: Executive Coaching and Management Training on Business and Personal High Performance

Sally Palmer

Sally Palmer


Specialist skills:Executive Coaching and Management Training on Business and Personal High Performance

Jeremy Brooke

Jeremy Brooke


Specialist skills: Business Re-engineering, Business Leadership Training and Turnaround Strategies

Jules Costa

Jules Costa


Specialist skills: Personal High Performance Training


Kim Vanderwesthuizen


Kim van der Westhuizen

Debs Stewart

Training Logistics

Debs Stewart

Josh Middleton

Conference Centre

Josh Middleton



Moses Zindoga

Rose Rawstorne

Training Admin

Rose Rawstorne

Ila Chauhan


Ila Chauhan


Our customers are dynamic and ambitious business leaders, teams and individuals who are willing to invest time and money into themselves and their teams to maximise human performance, streamline strategies, boost profitability to bring focus, results and entrepreneurial thinking to their organisations and enable them to compete in the 21st Century.


Our training philosophies are to deliver our training in a way that achieves:

  • a high level of knowledge retention
  • paradigm shifts
  • trainee engagement
  • practical implementation of learnings
  • bottom line impact
  • organisational influence

All training and coaching is conducted in a lively, energetic, engaging format which uses visual and audio content that provides trainees with a fun, highly stimulating and memorable learning experience.

The concepts covered are practical and are presented in an interactive and fun way and the presentation of real life scenarios and the involvement in engaging conversations maximises knowledge retention, increasing the level of implementation.

“This programme is so life changing that it should be mandatory for anyone in business. It has given me the tools to be world class.”

SME Business Owner

The training program has absolutely been an amazing, game changer in my Personal and Professional life. Sabre was
fully committed to see me grow, grasp and master High performance tools through an intense one on one coaching
program.  I would recommend it to every ambitious executive. 



“The course work and training sessions have made a huge impact on our staff and business. The content of the course is unique and has added huge value to us.”

CEO, Engineering Company

"The programme helped me unleash and maximise my potential. It provided me with the tools to be in control of my destiny by mastering my mind and having a clear vision for my life, which is most liberating".


FMCG Company

“The most mind-opening programme I have ever attended.”

Team Member, Transport Company

“The Programme has been amazing as it has taught me the technique of running a business. It made me turn my shortcomings into strengths to build my business and now I can see my dream/vision much clearer.”

Member of a Church Business Forum, Informal Sector

“This was indeed a life-changing programme because it really taught me to change the way I think as a businessman and it equipped me with the right tools to take me to success in Entrepreneurship.”

StartUp, Agribusiness

“This Entrepreneurship programme changed my life for the positive. I was facing challenges in my life and career and this programme showed me my potential and how to be successful.”

Small Business Owner

The Mastermind program has absolutely been an amazing, game changer in my Personal and Professional life


FMCG Company

The training programme was the best use of my resources that I have ever experienced. For a few hours invested in training every month I have had a massive change in my attitude and ability to change my life for the long term. Sabre has profoundly changed my life, physically, mentally and spiritually and has made me a higher functioning leader, partner, and parent. Thank you so much to the entire Team



The Sabre Training programme I attended provided me with the tools to be in control of my destiny by mastering my mind and having a clear vision for my life, which is most liberating. The programme is rich and applies equally to professional and personal life

Business Leader




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