Adding value to the world

Are you one of those rare gems of a person that would like to be someone who positively contributes to this beautiful world that we have the privilege and honour of living in?

Let’s take a moment to consider our lives and our purpose on earth.  We are all here for a very valuable and unique reason, and that reason can be summed up, I believe, in a simple manner.

“We all want to find our purpose, and live it”

The Knack

Entrepreneurs have a knack of doing that and that is why they add value to the word. Entrepreneurs believe that their purpose in life is to add value and in so doing change the world and make a positive impact.

“Set your agenda each day or the world will do it for you”

The Calling

If you are looking for, or have received this type of a calling, and you have accepted it, visualized what you are meant to do to play your part, and committed yourself to achieving it, you have what we call the Entrepreneurial spirit within you.

All you have to do now is find a way of getting it to come out of you.

Purify your Idea

Entrepreneurial thinking is something that is developed, it is taking an idea, and purifying it so that it can achieve the outcome we first envisioned it would.  Here are some questions to answer that will help you identify what you could do to enhance your life, your earning capacity and your fulfilment from what you do every day.

The Hard Hitting Questions…

  • What do you really love to do, something that you are passionate about?
    • Write down your ideas, there can be as many as you have, none are crazy enough to not be considered.
  • What do you believe the world needs (from you) to make it better?
  • What unique qualities do you possess?
  • What can you do to monetize your idea/ideas?
  • Who do you need to help you achieve them?
  • Are you ready to make the necessary commitment and what is it?

The Reveal

By answering these hard-hitting questions you will reveal to yourself something that really matters to you, and in so doing will be entering into the world of an Entrepreneur.  You will perhaps enter into the world of the unknown, you may question yourself and your ideas.  If you do remember that is all part of the process and the struggle.  Brendon Burchard once told us “honour the struggle and trust in the process”.  That is what is required.

As an entrepreneur, you will learn to get more comfortable with the discomfort, you develop the skills and faith to innovatively find ways of developing your ideas into projects and undertakings that will change the world.  That is your duty as an Entrepreneur.

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