Are you behaving like a Manager or a Leader?

As you travel the journey to creating your best life, one of the most powerful things you can do is make friends and become comfortable with “change”.

“Everything in your life today is a result of who you were in the past.  If you want your life to change, you must be focused on change.”

Too many people spend their time repeating yesterday, busy being busy, focusing on endless tasks and going through the motions of life.  By remaining stuck in the loop of being busy, you risk being in the same place you are today in 5 years time.

If you are unsatisfied with your current results in life, change is required.  However, making change requires A LOT OF EFFORT.  Remember though that being successful in life, requires effort.  The more effort you put in to today, the easier tomorrow becomes. 

Here is a question….“Are you behaving like a Manager or a Leader?”

The Manager Mindset is focused on “keeping things going”.

Whereas the Leader Mindset is focused on “making change, closing the gaps and achieving different results”

Change is a messy subject as it throws us into the unknown, it interrupts the status quo and it shakes the stable, boring, predictable processes of life.

However, with a change mindset and an ability to trust that you will work things out as you go, change brings personal growth, progress and fulfilment.

Every day you get the opportunity to make change in the many different areas of your life and achieve the results you so deeply desire.  It is the small changes we make in our lives daily that lead to massive results in the future.

Here is a simple, 5 Step Daily Process that High Performers practice every day that you can use when you plan your day that will help you to instigate change in your life:

  1. Clarify your Vision – know where you are going and what you want out of life with absolute clarity.  What are all your daily efforts amounting to?
  1. Identify Gaps – Look at your life and identify areas that you want to change – your professional results, your health, your wealth, your time, your freedom, your relationships, your character etc.
    Have the courage to do things differently and to try new things.
  1. Set an Action Plan – Decide what you are going to change and write down the actions to take
  1. Make Change – Take Focused Action and instigate change
  1. Trust the Process – Have faith in your abilities and patience in the process.  You don’t have to know how, you just need to be clear on what you want and faithfully aim for that, knowing you will work it out as you go.

Adopting a change mindset and becoming comfortable with change are the ingredients of progress !

Written by: Sally Palmer, High Performance Trainer and Coach at Sabre Business World

About the Author

Sally Palmer, one of the founders of Sabre Business World is a Personal and Business High Performance Trainer, Coach and Author with a passion for igniting people through teaching High Performance skills that enable them to ignite their lives. Balancing being a mother of 4 boys and building a business in Zimbabwe, she is fascinated with learning and teaching High Performance skills to help people balance all the demands of life and business to help them thrive in our unpredictable and ever changing world

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