Are you going to wait or progress?

It’s the start of a new year, lots of excitement and a whole lot of uncertainty and anxiety being felt all round in the business community.  Business owners/leaders are all asking “Will our business survive this year?”  “What do we need to do to ensure we get through?”

We are living in uncertain times with many curve balls being thrown at us all the time.

Will your business survive 2019?

Over the last 12 years, we have worked with 100s of companies and entrepreneurs and seen a lot of failures and a lot of successes.

According to Forbes Magazine, 9 out of 10 startups fail. Here is a sneak preview of how the 10% succeed?

The One Major Thing

There is one major thing that will determine whether your business will survive the year, and not only survive but thrive.  This one thing, this overriding success characteristic is YOU, the business owner.  Believe it or not, if have a great product, a great marketing strategy, a great business plan, these are not the key success factors.  The number one key success factor is YOU, the driver of the business because, without you, none of the other things work.

So how can YOU work on yourself to provide your business with the best chance of success? Here are 3 things you can do…

  1. Sort out your thinking – most important! Do you spend your time thinking about all the things that could go wrong, all the challenges ahead, all the things that are stopping you from succeeding? Do you constantly feel beaten by the environment? You need to turn your thinking completely around and think about all the things that could go right, all the opportunities ahead and all the things you can do to succeed.  This small adjustment is not easy and needs constant effort on your part.  Focus on success and solutions constantly.  All the huge successes we have worked with are people who are always optimistic, find solutions to every challenge, are upbeat and are constantly annihilating negativity from their thinking. They don't watch much news, or read the newspapers, they rather focus on their world and their controllables – and ignore the uncontrollables.
  2. Set a very clear big goal to achieve in 2019 that you will focus all of your attention on achieving. Then spend every spare moment thinking about this goal and how to achieve it, writing down ideas and plans and taking action daily.  Small actions taken over time lead to outstanding, sometimes unbelievable results.  Become a goal hunter – hunt your goal down like a cheetah hunts its prey!  Do not be swayed by quick money or ease, rather focus whole heartedly steadily winning your race.
  3. Trust in yourself, trust in your plan and trust in the process. The key is to increase your speed of trust, not only in yourself but in everyone else that is going to help you achieve your end result.  Everything you face prepares you for the next opportunity.  You either win or you learn.  Build your belief in yourself, develop the confidence you need and know that you are not only the best person to achieve your goals but the only person who can achieve your goals.

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Heres to 2019, the year of Progress!

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