4 Ways to Re-ignite your Passion and Ambition

Over the last few weeks we have noticed that many people we have interacted with seem to have lower than normal energy levels and are having to dig deep to get motivated to execute their big game changing tasks.  People are tired, …

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Preparing for an Uncertain World

Between COVID, political turmoil around the world and economic upheaval, we are all asking ‘what is the new normal?’  Yes, this is an uncertain world and yes, we do need to prepare for it.  I will show you ways of reframing …

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4 Ways to Generate New Ideas to Change your Perspective

You are only 1 thought, 1 idea, 1 decision, 1 action away from changing your life and changing your results. Daily, we must hunt ways to get these game changing thoughts and ideas so we can make better decisions and take more impactful actions. Our perspective on …

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5 Ways to get the Most out of Each Day

Our lives are built 1 day at a time, there are no quantum leaps.  What you do today has an impact on your tomorrow. A powerful philosophy to live by is to “do today what makes tomorrow easier”. Here are 5 Ways to Get …

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Are you behaving like a Manager or a Leader?

As you travel the journey to creating your best life, one of the most powerful things you can do is make friends and become comfortable with “change”. “Everything in your life today is a result of who you were in the past.  If …

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Self Leadership in Times of Uncertainty – Watch Recorded Webinar

Watch Free Recorded Webinar “Self Leadership in Times of Uncertainty” Watch the recording of this WEBINAR that teaches you the fundamental tools of Self Leadership to effectively manage yourself during times of uncertainty to break free from fear, confusion and procrastination. Please enter your …

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Controllables vs UnControllables

The World has now changed- that we know for sure.
But how do we deal with these changes in our life?
How are we going to thrive in this new world?