Focus on the biggest, most important things right now

With spring in the air, a change in the lockdown restrictions and a positive shift in the collective mindset, plus a dramatic increase in the traffic on the road, it is evident that Zimbabwe is coming back to life.

Business activity is not only starting to normalise but it is intensifying as people and businesses are energetically moving ahead with enthusiasm and determination.

At this moment, with opportunity all around us and momentum gathering in the economy, it is a time to manage our thinking and our actions vigilantly, to lead our businesses to success.

There is noise and distractions everywhere, there is pressure and overwhelm clouding peoples’ clarity and there are only 3 months left until the festive season.

Most businesses are focusing on capitalizing on the spring and summer vitality to recoup losses or downtime experienced during lockdown and leap into high speed action.

“It is a time to focus on the biggest, most important aspects
of your business now.”  

Decongest your mind, declutter and delete the noise and magnify your focus.

  • KEY DRIVERS – Identify the key drivers of your business that will deliver you the results you want in the next 3 months.  Stop being an administrator of long to do lists of small tasks.  It is your job to lead.  Focus on executing 1 or 2 big, game changing actions a day.
  • FACE REALITY – Face reality and make sure your team members know and understand where you are now and where you want to get to by the end of the year and what their part to play is in closing the gaps, then empower and support them to do it.
  • MAKE CHANGE – A leader’s most important job is to make change – to change results through focus, creativity and innovation.  What must you absolutely do to change your results? – is it a different strategy, or do you need to introduce new products, enter new markets, find new customers, negotiate better supplier terms, recruit new team members, implement new systems, find funding etc. Write these down and do them
  • BE PROACTIVE – Be decisive and proactive and act with speed and courage.

“Your business must work for you to deliver what you want”. 

Written by: Sally Palmer, High Performance Trainer and Coach at Sabre Business World

About the Author

Sally Palmer, one of the founders of Sabre Business World is a Personal and Business High Performance Trainer, Coach and Author with a passion for igniting people through teaching High Performance skills that enable them to ignite their lives. Balancing being a mother of 4 boys and building a business in Zimbabwe, she is fascinated with learning and teaching High Performance skills to help people balance all the demands of life and business to help them thrive in our unpredictable and ever changing world

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