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The Next Course Starts in February 2024

FutureReady 8 Module programme 

For 16-20 year olds - mature Form 4s/Lower and Upper 6s/Grades 10-12 at HIS/recent school leavers

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Course Information:

Modules - 8 x 2.5 hr Modules over a school term

Times - 5:30-8pm on Tuesdays

Course Dates - The course will start February 2024 and run for 8 weeks


Price - $690

Venue - Sabre Business World, 146 Enterprise Road, Highlands, Harare

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Many young people find the transition from school into the world of study and work a daunting and overwhelming process. Faced with multiple choices, those who learn how to be true to their own ambition and confidently make the right career decisions will build a road map to success, fulfillment and happiness.



The FutureReady course is an 8 Module dynamic and interactive course which equips young people with the tools and skills to make better, more informed choices about their Career.  

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    8 Core Modules plus 1 bonus Introduction Module

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    Future Preparation for Young People

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    Live Training Course

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    17-20 Year Olds: Lower 6s, Upper 6s, Recent School Leavers

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FutureReady will provide young people with the tools to:

Sharpen their focus and unlock success through discovering and defining their Ambition and setting goals to achieve it

Develop the character traits to build self-confidence, self-belief and how to hold themselves to account

Harness their strengths, abilities and aspirations when making a career choice

Complete the Morrisby Careers Guidance Psychometric test to better understand themselves and their skillsets

Develop a CV, Personal Statement for applications and the learn the tools to succeed in Interviews

Understand and navigate the realm of Tertiary Education options

Build a road-map to achieve career success

Effectively deal with set-backs and develop the courage to shape their own path


The FutureReady Course starts with a virtual "Introduction Module" (Module 0)
followed by 8 core modules:


Module 1


Module 2

your Ambition
and Goals


Module 3

Growth Mindset


Module 4

Morrisby Careers Assessment
and Report 

Module 5



Module 6

World of


Module 7

Communication: Personal Statements, Interviews, Networking


Module 8

Activating a
to Success


By the end of the course each Student will have:

Developed and analysed their personal Morrisby Careers Assessment


Received a FutureReady Diary, Notes, Worksheets and Supporting Material for each Module

Developed a Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Understood Tertiary Education Application Timelines


Interacted with Professionals and developed their networks to support early career choices

Accessed the online members area to review content, extra materials and track their progress

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This Course is Developed and Trained by a group of Specialist Trainers, Coaches and Career Counsellors

Brendan & Sally Palmer
Specialist Personal and Business Success Coaches and Trainers

Guiding people to
Unlock their Potential
and achieve 21st Century Success

About Brendan and Sally:
Brendan and Sally are Co-Founders of Sabre Business World, a Personal and Business Success training company. They are married with 4 children and have a deep passion for guiding people to unlock their potential and build successful, fulfilled and happy lives.  Brendan, an Accountant and Sally, an Engineer, trained in the UK and Ireland, are fascinated with Unlocking Human Potential and have been on a 10 year journey studying this field and learning from high achieving people around the world about how they build successful lives and businesses. They are trained High Performance trainers and coaches and have worked with 1000s of leaders, entrepreneurs, individuals and teams in numerous sectors to help them maximise their potential in their careers, businesses and personal lives. 


Jo Abbot
Internationally Accredited
Careers Coach
Coaching people to find fulfillment in life and
to make the right choices
at the right times.

About Jo:
Jo is a UK qualified Career Coach, an associate of the South African Career Development Association (SACDA) and a professional member of the International Association of Career Coaches (IACC).  Jo founded and heads up Horizons Careers in Harare.  She is educated to
PhD level, and has lived and worked in the UK and 7 African countries over the last 30 years.  She has worked at senior levels with the UK government, not for profit agencies and with the private sector. Horizons Careers is her passion, ensuring those she supports can be as
happy at work as she is.

Kim Rodriguez
Internationally Accredited
Careers & University Counsellor

Helping students make
informed career

About Kim:
Kim is a Co-Founder of The Uni People and is one of our country’s top careers and university counsellors and former Head of Careers and University Guidance at a high achieving school in Zimbabwe.  Kim has supported students with applications to universities across the globe. She has wide experience in advising students taking both traditional academic pathways and  more vocational or creative industry ones. 

Kim has toured universities across the world and her personal approach to the university counselling process has been recognised by several leading universities, including being named as a Yale Educator of the Year by Yale University.  Kim was also a school counsellor scholarship recipient in the International Association for College Admissions Counselling where she continues to hold membership.

Shay Pio
& Recruitment Specialist
Uncovering Students' strengths and Passions to help them set their Career path.

About Shay:
Shay is a UK qualified Careers Counsellor with fifteen years’ experience beneath her. Her approach is highly personalised and tailored to each student’s strengths, weaknesses and passions. Shay runs the Morrisby test and provides feedback and guidance based on the student's results.  She is also a Recruitment and HR specialist giving her huge insight into different professions and industries. Her one-to-one and in-depth approach with students sets them on a path for career success and fulfilment.

Feedback from Students...

The Future Ready course has not only been an amazing learning experience but also given me the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. It has really been such an eye opener into the uni world and helped immensely with the uncertainties of applications. It has taught me that not knowing exactly what you want to do in life is okay as long as your are striving to figure it out and working towards the goals you set yourself. After every session I can confidently say my motivation levels are higher than ever and I found the course has encouraged me to do my 100% in all my present day activities and striving for the best possible future - Upper 6 Student

This course has been really interesting with the Morrisby test helping me see where I maybe can get a job. Each module gets better and it’s really interesting and can’t wait for next ones. The FutureReady Team are the best, helping us with understanding more on what options we can do after school for those who are not sure yet - Lower 6 Student

I think the main thing the course has taught me is that the only person who can hold you back from achieving your goals and happiness is yourself. There are no obstacles that could prevent you from achieving success and doing what you love, if you are passionate about what you want from life and find the motivation and dedication from within, to challenge yourself and strive to always improve. There are no excuses for not doing the things you love or want to do if you hold yourself accountable and deliver on your promises to others and yourself. Draw on the inspiration from those around you and mold it into information that helps you to achieve your aspirations - Lower 6 Student

Before coming to the FutureReady course I had no idea what a university required or even where to begin looking. The course has taught me a lot so far but mainly where to look and what questions to ask - Upper 6 Student

The Course has been absolutely amazing and I have learnt so much. It has taught me so many things about myself that I definitely needed to know. The biggest thing that this course has taught me is that I need to believe in myself.  There is this lovely quote that I saw the other day that says “ Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do.” Brain Tracy. There is so much more I have learnt but I could write an essay about it - Upper 6 Student




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