How to Overcome the 1 thing that keeps you stuck in life !

One of the biggest obstacles we face in life is our subconscious acceptance of the Status Quo.

Humans love accepting the status quo as things are predictable and we can keep repeating yesterday without too much effort.

We can easily blame many things outside of ourselves for our lack of progress, like the economy, the power cuts, unproductive team members, school fees, statutory instruments etc and in doing so, we lose our power.

The status quo gives us the freedom to effortlessly make excuses for playing small and procrastinating.

By accepting the status quo, we spend our time in a continuous feedback loop of predictability, keeping things going as they always have been, avoiding change and discomfort at all costs, complaining and worrying about the same things, feeling powerless.

However, this results in the same painful, uncomfortable experiences repeating themselves over and over again.

Pick a day, any day, pick a moment, any moment to define the reality you want and step into change and begin to create it. 

The way we perceive the world around us is a direct reflection of what we expect out of life. Look at your life and your business right now.  It is a direct reflection of what is going on in your mind and is a direct result of who you were in the past.

If you want your life and your results in your business to changeyou must change, you must grow, you must do the things you know deep down that you have to do to get to the next level.  This means challenging the status quo which causes heavy internal resistance as you step into a new way of being, a new level of thinking.

Life is a game of consciousness – the more conscious and aware we become of who we want to be, what we want and where we are going, the more we can become intentional about creating the reality that we want.

It all comes down to what we choose to focus on.  If we focus on results, we will get these, if we focus on lack, we will get this too, if we focus on happiness, we will create this, if we focus on wealth, we will create wealth.

But we have to focus on changing results in our life rather than unconsciously waking up every day and repeating yesterday.

You never have to be the same again after today.  Pick your mountain and start to climb it, break free from the Status Quo.

Here are 3 steps to do break free from the Status Quo:

  1. Learn to love change, uncertainty, action and speed – get comfortable in the discomfort of uncertainty and you will break free from your repetitive feedback loop.  When you feel fear or resistance, get excited and step towards it.
  2. Define the mountain you want to climb – get a note book and pen and define what you want in your profession, your business, your wealth, your happiness, your health, your spirituality, your character
  3. Make an effort – if something feels like an effort, that’s good – success requires a lot of effort.  Every time you make an effort, you grow and you step beyond your old self and you make progress – it could be something as simple as not having sugar in your coffee today or something as big as deciding to restructure your business.

“Effort inspires action and action creates progress and progress creates motivation and motivation unlocks your genius” – Sabre

This is the journey to becoming a high performer.  High performers take their life and their future into their own hands and push the limits of possibility, they define their own reality and live every day to make it happen.

This requires courage and the only way to get to where you want to go in life is to dive into your future with dramatic action and faith and accept that you will either win or you will learn but in the end you will eventually win.

You were born to do great things and you are destined to live the life you dream of if you take the steps, get into action and trust that you will work it out as you go.

At Sabre, our passion is to give you insights into how to make progress in life and in our coaching programmes, the first and biggest challenge we tackle is helping our clients define their own version of reality.

The Mastermind programme is a one on one personal high performance and leadership development coaching programme that is a paradigm shifting, status quo adjusting, journey of personal discovery that helps people define and live their true life with focus, purpose and passion – here is what one of our Mastermind graduates said about their experience…

“I came into this programme with no idea what to expect. What I found was beyond my wildest expectation. I knew I had great potential to do and be more, but I lacked a clarity on how to harness this potential. I remember the very first task forced me to think deeply about my life, which was emotional but necessary. After gaining clarity about my “why” the journey really began. And its not over, I will continue to grow and strive to be better for as long as life allows. Thank you The Sabre Team for what has been a real awakening!”

Written by: Sally Palmer, High Performance Trainer and Coach at Sabre Business World

About the Author

Sally Palmer, one of the founders of Sabre Business World is a Personal and Business High Performance Trainer, Coach and Author with a passion for igniting people through teaching High Performance skills that enable them to ignite their lives. Balancing being a mother of 4 boys and building a business in Zimbabwe, she is fascinated with learning and teaching High Performance skills to help people balance all the demands of life and business to help them thrive in our unpredictable and ever changing world

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