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“Teaching Business Leaders how to build and grow successful businesses that compete and win”


Annual Business Training Program held every January

Designed for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs


Delivering success strategies to build and grow a business in the 21st Century Success that competes and wins

Program Intro…
Running a business in today’s world can be challenging and it is a well know statistic that 80% of start-ups fail within the first 2 years of operation.  Entrepreneurs and business owners often lack some of the fundamental keys to building a successful business that is sustainable and scalable and that is what this programme covers
Program Objectives

The Ignite Your Business Program is designed to guide you to…

  • Develop and document a clear vision for your business and your life so that you know where you are going
  • Design your Personal Success Plan so that you know what you want, who you need to be, why you are doing what you are doing and what you need to do to achieve your vision
  • Create a Winning Business Strategy so that you focus on the game changers and cut through the chaos and confusion that clouds your focus
  • Plan effectively so that you achieve your goals
  • Achieve more in less time so that you can take focused actions and avoid mistakes and distractions
  • Become a stronger, more effective individual so that you overcome challenges, maintain a positive mindset and be proactive in your day to day life
  • Compete and win in business as that is what its all ultimately about !

Not only do we teach you how to revolutionise your business, we also guide you to becoming a more successful and happier version of YOU.

You are your business’s most valuable asset and we show you how to make you more effective so you can join the worldwide movement to becoming more success conscious, focused and action oriented


The Keys to Successful Entrepreneurship


Your Business Strategy


Understanding the Key Numbers that DRIVE your Business


21st Century Marketing, Sales and Customer Retention


Planning and Performance Measurement


Action Management and Building Success

The Next Ignite Your Business Program

The Next Ignite Your Business Program will be run in January 2019 for 6 weeks.  The program is designed to help you to start your year on a success trajectory.  This is an annual program and it is designed to guide ambitious business people to success by teaching winning tactics, tools and strategies that help you compete in the 21st Century.

If you have any questions please contact us on +263 772 354 840 or by email on sabre@sabrebusinessworld.com

Program Details


  • Dates – TBC 2019
  • Days and Times – TBC 2019
  • Price – TBC 2019
  • Venue – TBC 2019
  • Payment Options
    • Transfer 
    • Ecocash 
    • Cash

Program Material and Support:

  • 15 hours of live training over 6 weeks. 1 module is covered every week in a 2.5 hour session
  • A Sabre Achieve Diary – design your Personal Success Plan and take focused action
  • A Business Success File with Notes and Templates from each session
  • Practical Assignments review
  • A Sabre Memory Stick with extra study material
  • Enrolment onto the Ignite Your Day daily motivational text
  • Snacks and Refreshments
  • Full email support during the Program
  • A cocktail party at the end
  • Certificate of Completion
“I loved every second of the programme.  It changed my life!” Entrepreneur

“This program is so life changing that it should be mandatory for anyone in business.  It has given me the tools to be world class” Professional

“This program is excellent.  It is the 4th time I have attended it and it keeps me on track in business.  Through this program, I have achieved major goals in my business” Business Owner