Ignite Your Business Training Programme

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This course is designed specifically for people running businesses in Zimbabwe and teaches the skills, tools, tactics and strategies to build, grow, run and lead a successful business.

10 Modules over 10 weeks – Limited Places
at Sabre Business World, 146 Enterprise Road, Highlands, Harare

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Running a business in today’s world is very challenging and it is a well-known statistic that 80% of start-ups fail within the first 2 years of operation. Entrepreneurs and business leaders are often running their businesses with little coaching and often seek some of the fundamental keys to building a successful business and that is what this Programme covers.  After extended lockdowns and a whole bunch of new challenges that business leaders are facing, the training Programme provides guidance on the steps to take to Ignite Your Business.



The Ignite Your Business Programme is a 10 Module training programme held at Sabre Business World in Harare, teaching key tools and tactics to help you build, grow and lead a successful, sustainable business.  The course is trained by a specialist Business Trainer, Brendan Palmer, who is also the creator of the course.  Brendan works daily with Business Leaders and teams, training and coaching them on the tactics they can employ to get better, more sustainable results in their businesses – from learning to lead yourself, to leading your team, to setting a plan for your business and executing it, Brendan will take you on an exciting, interesting and eye opening journey to Ignite both yourself and your business. 

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    10 Modules

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    Business Skills, Tools, Tactics and Strategies

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    Live Group Training Programme in Harare

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    Target Trainees

    Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders

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By getting clarity on your long term vision for your life and for your business, following a simple strategy on how to get there, making logical decisions based on facts and living and working in the Success Mindset, extraordinary results can be achieved by ordinary people, no matter the environment. This is the focus the Ignite Your Business Programme – to capacitate you with practical knowledge and tools to implement into your business.


The Ignite your Business Programme will equip you and enable you to:



Module 1

Self Leadership and Personal High Performance – to manage yourself more effectively to enable your best self to lead your business


Module 2

Business Vision and Ambition – to clearly define what you want to achieve in your business and by when


Module 3

Fundamentals of Successful Business Leadership – to lead a winning, focused, motivated team that are highly productive and deliver results


Module 4

The Numbers that Drive your Business – to identify your key numbers and understand where you are vs where you want to be so you can focus on closing the gaps


Module 5

Business Strategy – to set the key objectives and core focus areas of the business to achieve to deliver your Vision 


Module 6

Building and growing the right Team – to understand people and how to create a multiplication of energy in your team 


Module 7

Creating a strong Culture and a Brand that competes – to create sustainability, to stand out and to win long term


Module 8

21st Century Marketing, Sales and Customer Service – to create awareness, convert awareness into sales and attract, retain and WOW your customers through providing a remarkable experience


Module 9

Performance Measurement and Achieving Results – to instigate a mindset shift towards accountability and delivering the key business drivers


Module 10

Action Management and Building Success – focusing and managing yourself and your team so that you walk the path to your goals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis


Each participant will receive the following:

Training is delivered in 10 x 2.5 hour sessions


A Sabre Achieve Diary and a Sabre Memory Stick with extra study material


A Success file where they will receive Module notes and worksheets at each session


Participants will be enrolled on an online platform to review content during the course

Participants will be enrolled on the Ignite your Day Service which provides daily success tips via Whatsapp


At the end of the programme, each participant will receive a certificate


In summary, this is a 10 Module programme, trained live at Sabre Business World in Harare which is designed to grow people into 21st Century business leaders.  This is the 10th year that we are running this programme and it gives people the opportunity to learn tactics and strategies to successfully lead and manage a business and at the same time they get to meet and interact with a variety of other like minded, interesting business people. 

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Ignite Your Business Steps to Success


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