Key Entrepreneurship Skills to Build and Grow a Sustainable Business


Annual Ignite Your Business Training Program. 


Building and Growing a Successful Business that thrives in the 21st Century



Running a business in today’s world is very challenging and it is a well-known statistic that 80% of start-ups fail within the first 2 years of operation. Entrepreneurs and business owners often lack some of the fundamental keys to building a successful business and that is what this Programme covers.



The Ignite Your Business Programme is a 6 Module, group training programme teaching key tools and tactics to become a successful Entrepreneur and building business.

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By getting clarity on your long term vision, following a simple strategy on how to get there, making logical decision based on facts and living and working in the success mindset, extraordinary results can be achieved by ordinary people, no matter the environment. This will be the focus of this year’s Ignite Your Business Programme


The ignite your Business Group Training Programme will capacitate you to:

Clarify their Vision

Plan for Success

Compete & Win in Business

Create a Winning Business Strategy

Design Your Own Personal Success Plan

Become More Effective


Ignite Your Business is an annual Entrepreneurship and Business Management Training Program designed to teach Business Leaders how to build and grow a successful business through the development of 21st century Entrepreneurship, Business Management,  Mindset Evolving & Action Generation skills


Module 1

The Keys to Successful Entrepreneurship

To build a successful business it is important to understand Entrepreneurship.  Before you can build a successful business, you must mold a successful life to give you the energy, determination and drive to pursue you dreams. This Module takes you through the Key steps to achieving success in life and to becoming a successful Entrepreneur.


Module 2

Your Business Strategy

This module introduces business success and takes you through a very effective framework that helps you get to know your business in detail and define your strategy -  from your Vision to your Products, Market and Customers.


Module 3

Understanding the Key Numbers that Drive your Business

This module will teach you how to know the numbers that run and drive your business. It will help you define your key numbers and set budgets and targets for these.


Module 4

21st Century Marketing, Sales & Customer Retention

Three of the biggest factors that determine whether your business will be a success are Marketing, Sales and Customer Retention which are covered in this Module. These activities bridge the gap between where you are today and the dreams you wish to achieve in your business.


Module 5

Planning & Performance Measurement

This Module covers the importance of planning for business success, through developing a live business plan. It takes you through a very practical framework which guides you to create the winning business plan for your business and how to measure both your performance & progress.


Module 6

Action Management & Building Success

This Module teaches you how to manage your time, your actions, your distractions and your to-do list so that you get more done each day.  The Program is finished off by teaching the building blocks of success.


Each participant will receive the following:

Training is delivered in 6 x 2.5 hour sessions


A Sabre Achieve Diary


A Success file where they will receive Module notes and worksheets at each session


A Sabre Memory Stick with extra study material

Participants will be enrolled on the Ignite your Day Service which provides daily success tips via Whatsapp


At the end of the programme, each participant will receive a certificate


In summary, this is a 6 Module (over 7 weeks) program, run on Saturday mornings 8:30-11am,  which is designed to grow people into 21st Century business leaders.  This is the 9th year that we are running this programme and it gives people the opportunity to learn tactics and strategies to manage their lives as professionals as well as learn how to manage a business and at the same time they get to meet and interact with a variety of interesting business people. 


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