Ignite your Ctm Serv

Building a Customer Centric, Results Oriented, Motivated, Accountable Team

Learn strategies, skills and tools to instigate a team culture shift to attract, retain and WOW the 21st-century customer to gain market share through increasing customer retention, lengthening the customer lifetime, increasing customer spend and transforming your customers into walking marketers


The training will be specifically focused on your company's Customer Service and Sales Strategy.

This course, trained in 4 highly impactful modules,  is designed to align teams behind the company's objective, drive customer centricity and shift the culture towards being results driven.

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Customer Service is one of the fundamental keys to building a successful business in the modern world. The 21st Century Customers really care about the service that they receive and their buying decisions are becoming more dependent on service rather than price or quality.  Teams involved in the Customer Journey, often are not clearly aligned to the business objectives and the culture and therefore miss valuable opportunities to create lifetime customers. 



The Ignite Your Customer Service and Sales Programme is a 4 Module, group training programme that focuses on business growth and sustainability through instigating a culture shift in teams towards customer centricity and delivering results through the creation of a Customer Vision, Mission and Values that inform the overall promise to the Customer, the Customer Charter, to enable teams to provide a remarkable Customer Experience.

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    4 Modules

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    Creation of a Customer Charter and a High Performing Team

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    Group Training Programme

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    Target Trainees

    Management Teams, Customer Interacting Teams


The Ignite Your Customer Service and Sales Training Programme takes a team through the completion of a Customer Service Deck that focuses on the creation of a Customer Charter as well as to align the team with the business objectives, the sales targets and to develop customer centric culture.  The course capacitates teams to:

Understand and serve the 21st Century Customer

Provide a remarkable Customer Experience

Improve Customer Retention

Transform Customers into Walking Marketers

Build strong relationships with Customers

Increase the Customer Lifetime

Communicate Effectively with Customers

Streamline the Customer Service Chain and work as a team

Deal with difficult Customers

Understand Sales Psychology and how to sell to the 21st Century Customer


The Ignite Your Customer Service & Sales Programme has the following 4 Modules:


Module 1

Understanding the 21st Century Customer and defining the company's customer service culture 


Module 2

Providing a Remarkable Customer Experience, Customer Relationship Management and Defining and Refining the Customer Journey


Module 3

The Fundamentals of Customer Service Excellence and the related policies and procedures 


Module 4

Winning Sales Execution through Sales tactics, Sales Strategy and Accountability


Training is delivered in 4 x 2.5 hour sessions and the Participants will be taken through a Customer Service Deck Template to complete after each session.


Each Participant will receive a notes from each session.

Participants will be enrolled on a 1 month, Ignite your Customer Service Broadcast which provides daily Customer Service tips via Whatsapp


At the end of the programme, each participant will receive a certificate

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