Building a Motivated, Inspired, Productive, Winning Team

The skills & tools to instigate a team culture shift towards accountability & delivering results that enhances motivation, boosts productivity & generates a multiplication of energy...


 This course is run for teams of 12 or more people

Modules: 2.5hr Modules - build your own customised programme for your team by selecting from the list of modules
(minimum of 2 Modules)



The fast-paced world of today places huge demands on teams.  In businesses and organisations, teams are constantly dealing with uncertaintyhigh levels of pressure and endless distractions resulting in ad hoc performance, demotivation and unproductivity.  Day after day team members juggle to do lists, are bound by emails and sometimes feel like they are going around in circles, not really achieving the results they want and causing confusion, frustration and underperformance.



The Ignite Your Productivity programme is a customised course that you can design for your team by selecting Modules (minimum of 2) from the list below that is crafted to instigate a culture shift in your team members towards one of accountability and delivery of results which boosts motivation and productivity through teaching 21st Century High Performance Skills designed to generate a multiplication of energy in your team.  

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The Ignite Your Productivity Course teaches 21st Century High Performance Skills practiced by successful, motivated and productive teams that will capacitate team members to become:

Confident, accountable, mentally strong individuals with a positive, success focused mindset

Motivated and Inspired so that they bring their best selves into each day

Inspirational leaders that serve their team and work for the common good of all

Healthy & Energetic so that they can work with purpose without getting tired and sick

Balanced & Happy so that they invest into all areas of life to feel fulfilled

Focused on what they want to achieve so they know what gaps to close

Goal Oriented so that they know what milestones they must achieve

Highly Productive so that they can achieve the results they want and need in all areas of life

Focused on delivering high value actions in less time

Effective planners so that they can prioritise effectively and take daily steps towards achieving the desired results


The Ignite Your Productivity Group Team Training Programme is a customised course that enables you to select the Modules you would like for your team from the list below (minimum of 2 modules).  Once you have selected your preferred modules, one of our specialist high performance trainers will meet with you to get a clear understanding of your objectives for the course so that we can further customise the core messages of the training.  


Module 1

Self Leadership, Self Management through Understanding the Mind to reduce stress and enhance focus


Module 2

Creating a Personal Success Plan to create long term thinking and unlock motivation 


Module 3

Vision and Goal Setting to generate Purpose and to deliver measurable, timely results


Module 4

Time and Action Management to manage tasks and enhance productivity


Module 5

Self-Discipline and Work/Life Balance to boost fulfilment and happiness


Module 6

Health and Energy to manage motivation and wellness


Module 7

Financial Literacy and Building Wealth to create long term success


Module 8

21st Century Leadership to create a multiplication of energy


Module 9

Building Relationships and Effective Communication to increase Emotional Intelligence and strengthen teamwork


Module 10

Strategic Thinking and Planning to create future focused thinking and to build a map for the year, month and week


Module 11

Developing a Success Mindset to strengthen character to deal with setbacks, welcome change and boost action orientation


What will you get with the course?

Paradigm Shifting, Fun, Motivational Training Sessions

2.5 hour Training Sessions with our Specialist, Passionate, Energetic Trainers

Ignite Your Day - Daily Motiational Message

Life time subscription to the Ignite your Day Service which provides daily motivation and success tips via Whatsapp



At the end of the programme each participant will be awarded a certificate of completion

Venue Hire & Teas

For training sessions held at Sabre Business World, the course includes Venue Hire, Teas and Snacks


Course Content

The Sabre Achieve Diary, a memory stick with bonus study material and a Course Online Members area to review Module content (included with a minimum of 4 Modules)

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