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“Building Highly Productive, Motivated & Inspired Individuals and Teams”



High Performance

Group Training Program

Targets Management Level Trainees

Program Insights

The fast paced world that we are living in today places huge demands on your team. They are expected to perform faster and more effectively, under higher pressure, with more distractions and still produce extraordinary results.

Program Objectives

Over 8 x 2.5 hour sessions either weekly or monthly, the program teaches trainees how to be:

  • Goal Oriented

  • Highly Productive

  • Efficient Time Managers

  • Effective Planners

  • Energetic

  • Focussed

  • Driven

  • Committed

  • Healthy

  • Less Stressed

  • Balanced and Happy

  • Ambitious, High achievers

  • Action Oriented

  • Highly Disciplined

  • Confident

  • Motivated and Inspired

  • Emotionally Charged

  • Success Conscious

  • 21st Century Leaders

  • High Performers in all areas of life

Program Modules


The Foundation of Success and Understanding the Mind


Sabre Achieve Diary Introduction


Vision and Goal Setting


Time and Action Management


Self Discipline and Balance


Health and Energy


Financial Literacy


21st Century Leadership

Program Materials and Support

 Each attendee will receive the following:

  • A Sabre Achieve Diary
  • A Success file where they will receive Module notes and worksheets at each session
  • A Sabre Memory Stick with extra study material in the form of audios and videos

Each attendee will be enrolled on the following:

  • An Email Course where they will receive 1 email per module re-enforcing the lesson
  • The Ignite your Day Service which provides daily success tips via Whatsapp 

Attendees will be assessed at the end of the program on a personal assessment basis to monitor growth and a Training Summary Report will be sent to the CEO/MD.

At the end of the program, each attendee will receive a certificate.

If you have any questions or would like to do the program please contact us!