Unlock your potential, achieve your ambition and become a
21st Century High Performer




Business leaders in today’s world are required to deliver on the Company Strategy and perform extraordinarily under high pressure. These leaders often do not have the required 21st Century Success skills to achieve this in a balanced manner, while remaining motivated and focused.



The High Performance Mastermind Programme is an exclusive, 18 month, one-on-one Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Programme. The Mastermind is specifically designed to capacitate Business Leaders with 21st Century Skills to help them to thrive under today’s pressures while leading balanced lives and remaining motivated and focused on the Corporate objectives. It also provides individuals with an accountability partner and mentor to share their ideas and their challenges and brainstorm on success strategies.

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    14 Sessions over 18 Months

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    Exclusive One on One Executive Coaching

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    High Performance & Leadership Development

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    Target Trainees

    CEOs, Executives and Senior Management


The High Performance Mastermind Programme focuses on the following:

Aligning Corporate & Personal Goals to unlock motivation, sharpen focus and deliver results that have a positive impact on both the Company and the Trainee

Strategic Planning + Time and Action Management so that you know what needs to be done and do it

Developing a healthy Work/Life Balance through structure, focus, effort and discipline

Self Leadership, Self Management and Self Application to unlock your potential and become the best version of yourself

Developing a Success Mindset and transcending Manager Level thinking to Executive Level thinking

A strong emphasis is placed on Mindset, Attitude, Thought Control and Self Discipline as these are all fundamental to success in the above 5 areas.


The Mastermind High Performance Programme has 14 Modules:


Module 1

Foundation of Success and Diary Overview


Module 2

Ambition, Vision and Goal Setting


Module 3

Why Do You Want It?  Who Do You Need To Become?


Module 4

Developing a Success Mindset


Module 5

Time Management


Module 6

Developing Self Discipline


Module 7

First Review


Module 8

Action Management


Module 9

Financial Literacy


Module 10

Health & Energy


Module 11

Strategic Thinking


Module 12

21st Century Leadership


Module 13



Module 14

Final Review


The High-Performance Mastermind Programme is a one on one coaching Programme with 14 sessions over 18 months. The Programme kicks off with the Participant completing a questionnaire, followed by a 2 ¼ -hour session where they are introduced to the Programme and the Foundation of Success. Following that are monthly 2 ¼ hour sessions for the duration of the Programme. At the sessions, the individual’s progress for the month is analysed, challenges discussed, a high-performance coaching lesson is completed and action plans for the next month are discussed.

Participants will receive:


A Sabre Achieve Diary


A Success file where they will receive Module notes and worksheets at each session


A Sabre Memory Stick with extra study material

Participants will be enrolled on the Ignite your Day Service which provides daily success tips via Whatsapp


Participants will be assessed at the end of the programme on a personal assessment basis to monitor growth and a Training Summary Report will be sent to the CEO/MD


At the end of the programme, each participant will receive a certificate


If you have any questions about this programme, please contact us

See what others said after completing the Programme...

"The Sabre Mastermind programme was the best use of my resources that I have ever experienced.  For a few hours invested in training every month I have had a massive change in my attitude and ability to change my life for the long term.  Sally has profoundly changed my life, physically, mentally and spiritually and has made me a higher functioning leader, partner, and parent.  Thank you so much to the Sabre Team".

"Thanks again for having been my guide over this Mastermind journey, its been a life changing experience to say the least. It is never an easy thing to be honest with oneself and identify areas of your persona that define and at times hold you back from realising your potential. Sally was my mirror, helping me see myself, the good and the not so good. Through the Mastermind journey, I gained the tools necessary to move past perceived limitations and clarify life goals that I’m excited reach ...and exceed".

"This is a powerful programme that unleashes your potential and helps you maximise it. It provided me with the tools to be in control of my destiny by mastering my mind and having a clear vision for my life, which is most liberating. The programme is rich and applies equally to professional and personal life".

"I came into this programme with no idea what to expect. What I found was beyond my wildest expectation. I knew I had great potential to do and be more, but I lacked a clarity on how to harness this potential. I remember the very first task forced me to think deeply about my life, which was emotional but necessary. After gaining clarity about my “why” the journey really began. And its not over, I will continue to grow and strive to be better for as long as life allows. Thank you Sally and the Sabre Team for what has been a real awakening!"

"The course was fantastic in helping open one's mind and genuinely open one's thought processes into another dimension of thinking. For someone as young as me, I am so grateful that I got to do this course now as it helped me understand the importance of mastering my own destiny; and that anything dreamable is achievable with focus, determination and self discipline. That said, I'd recommend the course to people of all ages, as I believe it's never too late to change the course of your own destiny, and literally 'write your history' before it happens. This course gives the tools required to go out and do just that." 

"The Mastermind program has absolutely been an amazing, game changer in my Personal and Professional life. I am indebted to Sally and the Sabre team for always creating the best and enabling learning environment. Sally was fully committed to see me grow, grasp and master High performance tools through an intense one on one coaching program. Indeed the price of the investment is priceless, I would recommend it to every ambitious executive. Many thanks to my employer for providing me the learning opportunity!"



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