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The Mind-set Management Toolkit


We’ve put together a Toolkit in the form of a Video and a downloadable E-booklet which you can access right now by completing the form above.

This Toolkit teaches 5 Powerful Mental Philosophies to install into your mind to help you re-create your momentum and find a way through this uncertain time.

The Toolkit Includes...

A Study Video where Brendan Palmer, one of our High Performance Trainers explains the 5 Key Tools/Mental Philosophies in the toolkit and how to implement each one of them

A Downloadable E-Book for you to study,with a printable summary to
stick up in your bathroom.

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The Toolkit is Designed to help you...

To Manage your Mind so that you focus on what you can do and what you must do, rather than getting stuck in confusion and victimhood

To Sharpen your Focus so that you reduce overwhelm and start to act on the things you can control

To Challenge yourself to Think Differently because past thinking patterns may not be relevant in the new world

To Develop the Confidence and the Courage to innovate and explore unconventional thinking

To Develop a Strong, Success Focused Mind-set that enables you to switch off negative thinking habits

Building a Solution Focused Mind-set

The world as we know it has changed and the uncertainty of what the future holds is overwhelming.

With so many unknowns out there we naturally tend to activate emotions of fear, panic and anxiety.  These emotions cause our mind to go into overdrive and we can’t think clearly as our core survival instincts make us want to either fight, or to run away (flight), or we just can’t do anything (freeze), or do all 3 of these.

To be able to navigate this uncharted territory, we must consciously intervene with our mind-set by…

  • Taking charge of our mind,
  • Installing strong guiding mental philosophies,
  • Removing unproductive thinking,
  • And Sharpening our focus

By doing this, we will be able to find some sort of calm in this storm and access more of our unused potential and waken our genius so that we can….

  • Think clearly,
  • Plan effectively,
  • Step into action and
  • Make progress, rather than remaining stuck and afraid.

The Mind-set management toolkit contains key mental tools/philosophies to help you gain control and move forward with hope, strength and purpose

Over the past decade we have trained and coached 1000s of business leaders, entrepreneurs and managers to unlock their potential and to live life on their own terms and this Mind-set Management toolkit contains some of our most powerful and most simple mind-set management tools.

So if you are struggling with overwhelm and are feeling stuck, this toolkit will help you get back on track.

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We hope this helps you through this time


Brendan and The Sabre Team

The Mind-set Management Toolkit

Mindset Management Toolkit Cover

Get immediate FREE access to the Mindset Management Toolkit