The Business Mastermind programme is a 24 month, one-on-one business coaching programme
which works on YOU and YOUR business.

The programme provides tactics and tools to guide you to succeed in business. It works on your actual results and helps you streamline your business for sustainability as well as providing you with an accountability partner and mentor to share your ideas and your fears with and brainstorm on success strategies.

Target Trainees

Entrepreneurs and Small to Medium Business Owners

  • mastermind_modules

    14 Sessions Minimum Over 24 Months

  • mastermind_one_on_one

    Exclusive One-on-One Executive Coaching

  • mastermind_leadership

    High Performance & Leadership Development

  • mastermind_ceo

    For CEOs, Executives & Senior Management

The Business Mastermind programme focuses on the following:

Clarifying the business owner's ambition & vision for the business

Setting & streamlining the business strategy

Analysing business results & streamlining measurement

Leadership development of the business owner

The Business Mastermind Programme is a one-one one coaching programme which includes
14 sessions over 24 months

The programme is kicked off with the Participant completing a detailed business and personal questionnaire, followed by a 3-hour Initial Business Mastermind Meeting where the questionnaire is reviewed and the current business status is analysed. Following that, there are monthly 2 hour, one-on-one sessions for the first 6 months, then bimonthly for the second 6 months, and quarterly for the last 12 months. There is an option to extend the period of monthly sessions where required, depending on the individual. At the sessions, the business progress for the month is analysed, challenges discussed, a business/personal development lesson is completed and action plans for the next month are discussed.

Program Modules


Module 1

The Foundation of Success and Understanding the Mind


Module 2

Sabre Achieve Diary Introduction


Module 3

Vision and Goal Setting


Module 4

Time and Action Management


Module 5

Self Discipline and Balance


Module 6

Health and Energy


Module 7

Financial Literacy


Module 8

21st Century Leadership

Programme Materials & Support

Each attendee will receive the following:


Sabre Achieve Diary

Follow your course and use the diary to keep your goals within reaching distance


Sabre Success File

Collate your module notes and worksheets at the end of each session


Sabre Memory Stick

Extra study material in the form of audios and videos

Each attendee will be enrolled on the following:

Sabre Email Course

You'll receive 1 email per module re-enforcing the lesson

Ignite Your Day Service

We'll provide daily success tips via Whatsapp 


Attendees will be assessed at the end of the program on a personal assessment basis to monitor growth and a Training Summary Report will be sent to the CEO/MD



At the end of the programme, each attendee will receive a certificate


If you have any questions about this programme, please contact us