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Pete Drummond

“Thank you for a wonderful, inspiring Success Course. It will multiply the benefits I have already received from the last 4 courses I have done with you. What you teach will make a huge difference to any student who applies what you teach consistently”

Tawanda Taderera

“This Entrepreneurship Program I did with Sabre was quite an eye opener. I feel so much more in control of my life and my business. I recommend this to anyone wanting to increase their business by 10 times.”

Chipo Kariramombe

“This Accelerator Entrepreneurship program changed my life for the positive. I was facing challenges in my life and career and this program showed my my potential and how to be successful”

Laurie Thompson

“The Ignite Your Business Training was just exactly what I really needed to get my business organised and step up. I found the course hugely inspiring, motivating, directional and encouraging. It has been incredibly valuable.”

Johnson Gapu

“I am privileged to have attended this course”

Condry Zvenhamo

“The 5 Week Accelerator Program has been amazing as it has taught me the technique of running a business. It made me turn my shortcomings into strengths to build my business and now I can see my dream/vision much clearer”

Kate Schuil

“A very professionally run Business Course packed with so much useful information and tips. Well worth the money and time.”

Martin Mupangapanga

“This was indeed a life changing program because it really taught me to change the way I think as an Entrepreneur and it equipped me with the right tools to take me to success in Entrepreneurship”

Catherine Rondora

“I have found my experience with Sabre very overwhelming and motivating. It has shaped and changed the way I think. Thank you so much and God Bless You”

Fungai Muguyo

“The Ignite Your Business Workshop has given me the link which has been missing all along in my business. I have realised that it is not “business as usual” and have to think and act with the end in mind always. Thank you Brendan and Sally”

Joseph Chigayo

“The Entrepreneurship workshop was excellent. I came out a changed person. I am now seeing myself as a millionaire even before I have implemented what I learnt.”

Nyaradzo Mavindidze

“Amazingly thorough Entrepreneurship workshop. Learnt a lot of new things, life changing, thought provoking and it definitely ignited my creativity. This was not just information dissemination, there was a lot of authenticity and it came through personal life sharing. Transformed !”

Terry Coughlan

“Your ideas, enthusiasm and professionalism during the Customer Service Training ensured a very successful and fun day. The feedback has been very good and an upturn in Customer Service is noticeable. We trust there will be short, medium and long term benefits for our Company”

Lovemore Muhamba

“The Ignite Your Business Course was totally brilliant”

Marjorie Madamombe

“The Sabre Success Plan Course and material was very powerful. The presentation was so inspiring and encouraging. It was quite an eye opener for me in several ways.”

Nathalie Calonne

“Thank you for the very instructive and inspirational Business Workshop. You gave me the energy to come out of my Comfort Zone”

Kezito Makuni

“Thanks very much for the Time Management Course that we did. Since your course, I am more positive and less stressed and I have adopted a significant number of success habits into my life.”

Troy Drummond

“This is the 3rd year I have done the Ignite Your Business Course and purchased your Achieve Diary. The return on investment to my life has been 100 fold. Thank you for enriching my life so much”

“I found the 'Ignite Your Business' course to be very beneficial towards my growing business. The modules that Brendan & Sally covered were inspiring and very useful.”

Walter Mupanguri

“I liked the use of videos, the visual aids were appropriate and the workbook allowed cohesion of notes”

Richard Matengambiri

“The Ignite Your Business training was great and it has helped me get focused and I am certain I will achieve more with this great formula”