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Sales and Marketing and the 2 Superheros of Business Success.  Key points covered in one of our training sessions this week were….– Your goal in business and the fundamental drive behind all your activities was said very well by Jim Niekamp, an American Marketing expert – “Your goal is to find customers, keep them for a lifetime, get them to buy all your products and tell all their friends about you”

– You should spend the majority of your time as an Entrepreneur doing marketing
– Marketing is purely “creating awareness” and getting people to Know you, like you and trust you. Until that happens they won’t buy for you
– To do this, not only do you need to get your products in front of people, you need to get yourself in front of people. Customers buy YOU before they buy your Product.
– Never sell when you are Marketing
– When selling, listen more and talk less
– Sales become simpler and automatic if you get your marketing right
– Entrepreneurs should spend time every day studying/reading about Marketing and Sales