The truth about entrepreneurship & what it takes

Entrepreneurship is a word we are hearing a lot more of these days. Gone are the days of being Self Employed, a Sole Trader, A Business owner and the rest.

Today we are expected to be entrepreneurs. Indeed we expect to be entrepreneurs because it sounds more successful, more important and more interesting than what used to pass for how we made our living. People working in the corporate world are not spared from this, today it is only the companies that are led by entrepreneurs, and create entrepreneurs of their employees that are growing and making a difference.

Times have changed

This is because times have changed, the environment in which we live is not the same as the one of yesteryears. Change is happening so fast these days that very little of what used to work will work as effectively now. This is a bold statement I know, but it must be said because it is the way it is whether you want to admit, are ready to believe, or willing to accept it, or not, the truth is, everything has changed. This is more true in the business world than any other although is not restricted only to business.
Entrepreneurship is something that we should embrace, indeed we have to if we are going to make it in this day and age. We are living in the Information Age, the New Age, the Age of The Entrepreneur and we must understand and accept that. The quicker we accept it for what it is, the quicker we can learn to be more entrepreneurial in our approach to business and the quicker we will start to enjoy the lifestyle that only an entrepreneur can live.

“Each day we are born again. What we do today is what matters most”

An entrepreneur is someone who goes into business to.

An Entrepreneur is someone who goes into business to solve a problem plaguing society and they do so
in a profitable and sustainable manner. They go into business not to take from society but rather to improve something in society by supplying the solution to whatever problem is being faced. Essentially Entrepreneurs give as opposed to take and the rewards they enjoy way surpass the rewards enjoyed by the takers. Entrepreneurs change the world because they have a passion to make their ideas work and are brave enough to even risk paying with their lives to make it happen.

Are you ready?

So if you are ready to learn how to do this, how to face up to whatever challenges life throws at you and to keep going no matter what until you get to the place of your dreams, then you are ready to become an entrepreneur.

It's not going to be easy but will be very rewarding

Something you should know before you go any further is that anything worth having is never easy. The journey of the entrepreneur is not easy, it is not for the faint-hearted. It is a hardcore, challenging, physically and mentally draining marathon of an undertaking. Once you start there is no going back.  Once you get the bug, you are hooked. You will have to learn to deal with prolonged periods of uncertainty, you will have to learn delayed gratification, faith, trust, belief, patience, focus and determination. You will have to learn to have your heart broken and have no time to fix it, you will have to learn to pull hats out of rabbits (which is My Wife Sally’s quote). You will have to learn to get back on the bike every time you fall and not lose enthusiasm. You will probably have to give up security if you are going to replace it with success. None of these things are easy and none of them pretends to be. None of these things will happen for you as they did for me or will for the next person, but they will happen. If you are prepared for them, you are that much more likely to overcome them. That is what entrepreneurs get good at, they see challenges not as obstacles but rather as opportunities to implement solutions.

Developing an immunity to problems

Entrepreneurs focus on solutions and therefore become immune (in a sense) to problems.

Success is not something that you get, success is something that you work very hard at, for the rest of your life until you earn it. Success is not an event either, it is a culmination of many small acts, habits and rituals that you practice day in and day out. Success, they say is an Attitude and they are right. You don’t necessarily have the attitude, you develop it.

We are running a workshop called Ignite Your Business and our first module covers the success formula we have developed from years of research and development and that we have taken from countless books and mentors over the years. There are a number of basic steps that you can follow, and if you do, you too will enjoy what so many others have in their own lives. We have had over 200 people go through our program with amazing and inspiring results. Come along and see what a difference this program can make in your life.

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