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So, the year is nearly finished. The festive vibe is in the air and the Christmas decorations are already up in the shops !

How are you Feeling?
Do you feel you made progress this year? Are you energised or not?  As the year draws to a close, it is very common to feel low in energy and also feel that you have not achieved very much during the year.  It is usual psychology in the last leg of any race to feel this way as our brain is just focused on getting to the end.

At the same time as facing the year end overwhelm,  we are faced with all sorts of uncertainty in our economy which adds more anxiety and lowers motivation and energy.  It is now, more important than ever, that you need to keep your mind focused on YOUR immediate world and what you can control.  Don’t worry about the things you cant control because you cant control them.  Rather focus on what you can control which is your life and your business and your own plans and actions.  Times of uncertainty are times of opportunity !

There is still A Lot to Do before the end of the Year

Yes, the end of the year is close, although there is still a LOT of things to achieve before the end of the year and it is a time to slow down, take a step back, analyse where you are and where you have come from and then prioritise the key steps to take in the last month of the year.  This will help you to reduce any overwhelm you may be feeling and also give you focus and energy to finish the year strong.  Set aside some quiet time and sit down and write down what you need to do before year end and prioritise each task.  Anything that does not HAVE to be done this year, move to next year and stop thinking about it.  Once you have your list, slot your tasks into the weeks left of the year.  Now you will have a simple, easy to follow plan that just requires you to act on your own instructions.

Review of The Year

Look back to the start of the year and review the goals that you set for this year and write down all the steps you have taken towards these goals.  This is a self motivating exercise as, in the chaos of daily life, we forget how much we have achieved on the journey through the year.
Seeing what you have achieved so far will energise you for the final push to year end.

Thinking about Next Year

As the year finishes, your thoughts will naturally start to think about next year and what lies ahead.  It will really help your mindset if you sit down quietly over the next few weeks and put together a top level plan for next Year– set your big goals and write your key actions to take.  This simple exercise will improve your energy and reduce any anxiety you may be feeling for next year.  It is really important to not be influenced too much by the outside environment but rather focus on your business and what you can achieve.

Good luck with the last few weeks, be strong, keep focused and always remain optimistic and positive.

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